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The preliminary work on opening a retail outlet starts with the search for suitable premises and its and the confirmation of its suitability with the central office. To do this, you will need to send a photo of the front of the building, a photo of the interior, as well as to show/mark the locations available for the signboard and outdoor advertising on the photo. The interior of the premises must be shown from various points of view on the photos. In response to your letter, BONAPE’s manager prepares and sends you the materials for the preliminary issue of a signboard sketch and an interior design project (logo and writings must be in jpg, the photo must have the resolution which would be sufficient to prepare thumbnails). A full set of materials for outlet design (vector logo, inscriptions in corporate fonts, photographs with greater resolution) is provided only after the agreement of commercial concession is signed.
Preliminary approval of interior and exterior design project is the most important stage in the process of opening a BONAPE retail outlet because all the further actions concerning the conclusion of the commercial concession agreement (the franchising agreement) are done with the use of these documents. This is why interior and exterior of the future outlet must be approved before the agreement is signed. For the purpose of preliminary approval, you will need to send us the layout binding (a sketch on the photo) of the elements of future interior and exterior or a 3D model created in accordance with BONAPE’s marketing standard. As a result, at the moment of outlet’s launch, its interior and exterior must fully correspond with the approved layout binding which is an integral part of the concession agreement.
We help with the development of advertisement materials (flyers, posters, banners). BONAPE’s central office also carries out advertising in the media, the manufacture of advertisement materials for centralized promos, develops and posts advertisement materials on www.bonape.ru website and other internet resources. Upon our approval, you will be able to use these materials in your advertisement campaign. The rest of the local marketing (including the issue of design products and installation of signboards) is conducted by the franchisee (on their own or with the help of a professional designer).
All the brand elements (logo, font, branded background) must be used in full compliance with BONAPE’s marketing standard without any changes. Accordingly, the use of other colors (excepts for the ones included in the Marketing standard) in the logo and the signboard is unacceptable! Branded colors also must serve as the basis during the manufacture of any other advertisement materials.
No. BONAPE’s logo consists of a graphic sign, branded font, and the background with the “serrated part”. All these parts form one registered trademark, and the use of it involves following certain rules. All the rules for logo use are included in BONAPE’s marketing standard. In particular, changing elements of the logo (including the backdrop) is not allowed.
If the design project fully corresponds with the requirements of BONAPE’s Marketing standard, the process of approval will not take more than 1-2 work days. Taking the established practice into account, the final approval of a design project is usually done within 3 weeks.
The term of the concession agreement is five years
The initial and the only payment for the franchise (the lumpsum payment) is 25000 rubles, and we take no additional fees (like royalty and marketing).


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